Thank you for using FINSERV. This is the page for documentatio, support and user manual that will help you to get started and understand all the functionalities of FINSERV.

FinServ is a financial services management software with applications functionatlities that covers banking operation, loan management, investment management and more.

Functionalities and modules to be discussed in this documentation include customer management, products management, account management, deposit and withdrwal transaction, transaction approval, account balance statament, bulk transaction posting, transaction summary, transaction nolification and alert (sms/email), charges and rates.

Other applications and modules of FinServ includes credit and loan management, daily contribution management, digital banking for customers, financial accounting and reports. FinServ features also includes performance management, risk management, revenue management, customer relationship management, reporting and data analysis and much more.

If you already have a FINSERV account click here to login. If you are new to FINSERV click here to request a quotation or demonstration or request for account setup.


Subscription module is where you can manage you subscription plan detail, update your subscription account, renew subscription, buy sms credit, make payment and others. The subscription contain the following modules.
Subscription page - The subscription is the page that show your account details and you can also update your details at the same time. On this page you will be able to update details of your account using the available forms and data flow provided.

  • Account Name - That is the operated business name
  • Contact Address - Company active address
  • Email Address - Company email address
  • Telephone - Company telephone number
  • Account Status - The status of the account
  • Start Date - The subscription start date
  • Expiry Date- The subscription end date
  • Company Logo -For SMS and Email
  • Account Password -For SMS and Email
  • Email SMTP -For SMS and Email
  • Notification Status -For SMS and Email
  • Notification Status -For SMS and Email
Billings - The billing page is the page to see all invoices created for your subscrition. The will also see the invoice status, amount paid, etc
  • View Invoice - View invoice button will help to see the details of the invoice
  • Make Payment - The make payment button will take you to our online payment page API provide from Paystack. It is a secured platform for sending payment to us online.
  • Pay to Bank - There is also an option to sent payment directly to our bank account usind bank transfer or bank deposit from using any option convinient for you. The detail is available on the invoice.
Renew subscription - The renew subscription page is where you can activate/renew your subscription. All you need to do is choose the plan you want to use and the duration in years. Calculate your pricing and submit to generate the invoice. You can then proceed to payment using any of the option available on the invoice.
Buy SMS Credit - The option is available if you need to purchase sms credit. Follow the process by choosing the number of sms credit you need. Once your sms account is activated you will be able to send sms notification to your customers.


User setup

The user setup is where you can create users account and manage user account. To create a user account the following fields is required.

  • Full Name - The full name of the user
  • Email - The email address of the user
  • Mobile No - The telephone number of the user
  • Password - The detaul password to be set for the user
  • User Category - The category of access level to be given to the user
  • Branch - The operating branch of the user

Available user categories and their access levels of the system.

  • Account Officer -
  • Account Manager
  • Customer Service -
  • Teller -
  • Credit Officer -
  • Operating Manager -
  • Branch Manager -
  • Control
  • Marketing Officer

Branch Setup

This is the page to setup your operating branches. You can add as many branch as possible according to your subscription plan.

Territory Setup

This is the page to setup your operating territories. You can breakdown your coverage areas to territories to help you marketing and outfied officers. You can add as many territory as possible according to your subscription plan.

Bank Setup

This is the page to setup your operating commercial bank details. This will help to manage transaction across all banks for recocillation. You can add as many bank as possible according to your subscription plan.

Saving Product Setup

This is the page to setup your saving account products. The following information is required while setup your retail products

  • Product Name -
  • Saving Interest Rate - Per Annum
  • Interest Frequency -
  • COT - Cost on transaction or transaction charges
  • Minimum balance - You specify the minimum balance allowed for the account
  • Allow overdraft check box - To be check if product will allow overdraft

Loan Product Setup

This is the page to setup your loan products. The following information is required while setup your retail loan products

  • Product Name -
  • Interest Rate - Per Annum
  • Minimum amount allowed -
  • Maximum amoung allowed
  • Management fee
  • Processing fee

Investment Product Setup

This is the page to setup your investment products. The following information is required while setup your retail loan products

  • Product Name -
  • Description
  • Interest rate per annum -
  • Minimum deposit allowed
  • Maximum deposit allowed
  • Management fee
  • Processing fee


The dashboard on the Finserv is the page you are redirected to once you successfully login. The page gives you summary of useful metrics to track key performance indicators. This are figures that speaks volume about the critical opetaration of your business.

Usefull Metrics

At the top of the dashboard page, there key useful numbers that show the state of your business as a whole. The following key numbers you can get on the dashboard top bar.

  • Branches - Shows the number of branches in operation
  • Territories - The number of territories covered by your business
  • Account Officers - The number of officers actively registered on the system
  • Saving Products - The number of savings products
  • Loan Products - The number of loan products
  • Customers - The number of active customers
  • Accounts - The number of active accounts
  • Transactions - The number of all transactions, approved transactions, declined transactions and pending transactions

Pie Chart Á Bar Graph

There are pie chart of the dashboard to represent some key performance metrics of your operation.

  • Transactions - Shows chat ro represent approved transactions and pending transactions
  • Loans - Show loan status chart in terms of completed, active loans and default loans
  • Consumer Products - Show performance chart by products in terms of number of customers
  • Disbursement Trend - Show disbursement trend in months
  • Savings Trend - Show savings trends in months
  • Account Officer Performance - Show transaction by officer to measure their performance

Daily Transactions By Product

This analysis show deposit and withdrwal transaction by product on daily basis

Monthly Savings

This is section of the dashboard shows saving transaction for the past three months. Its a cash flow trend that help to know the liquidity of the business.

Monthly Loan Dibursed and Repayments

The help to track the monthly loan disbursed and repayment recovered. Help to know the company assets and the rate of repayments


The customer module is the part of the system that you can manage customers details, mandates, documents, customers savings accounts, loan accounts, investment accounts, account deposit, account withdrawal, account statement and much more.

Customer Registration

New new customer registration form allows you to enroll new customer and create a new account for the customer. The following information are compulsory data collected at point of customer registration

  • Branch - The branch location of the customer
  • Territory - The territory location of the customer
  • Account Officer - The officer managing the customer
  • Customer Type - The category of the customer
  • Title - That is the customer salutation
  • Customer ID - The customer ID the id unique identifier for the customer automatically generated by the system
  • First Name - The customer firstname
  • Last Name - The customer surname
  • Other Name - The customer other names
  • Alias - Customa a.k.a
  • Mobile - Verified telephone number of the customer
  • Email - Valid email address of the customer
  • Date of Birth - Customer birth date
  • Contact Address -
  • Mean of ID - Customer means of identification
  • ID Number - The identification number
  • State - State of the custer address
  • Country - Country of address of the customer
  • Contact Address - The contact address of the customer

New Account Creation at point of customer registration

  • Account Type - The saving account type (that is the saving product)
  • Account Name - The name of the account (same as the customer fullname)
  • Opening Date - The date the account was opened

Customer Manager

The customer manager page is where all the activitties and tasks on customer are carried out. The customer management module will allow you to do the following tasks

  • Edit Customer Detail - Editing and updating customer detail
  • Disable Customer - To disable customer acccount
  • Add Daily Contribution Account - To add daily contribution account to the customer
  • Add Savings Account - To add savings account product to the customer
  • Add Loan Account - To loan account to the customer
  • Add Investment Account - To add investment account to the customer
  • Customer Mandate - The madate page include uploading customer signature and passport photograph
  • Customer Document - This allowing uploading of customer document to the system
  • Approve Customer - This you will be able to approve new customer after verification processes
  • Account Deposit - To post deposit transaction to customer account
  • Account Withdrawal - To post withdrawal transaction to customer account
  • Statement of Account - To generate statement of account
  • Charge Account - To charge account for fees and other sundary charges